lead 10k How Do I Win 10K a Day?Beginning Monday, listen to win $1000 ten times per weekday in the 10K A Day Giveaway: A Multi-City Contest on Lite 100.5 WRCH. 

Each weekday at 7am, we’ll post the exact times to call and win $1000 on WRCH.com. 

We’ll also play a special sound on the air at the exact time to call.  You can hear it by clicking more:

You’ll have ten chances each weekday April 12th through May 14th between 8am and 8pm Eastern Time. 

The phone number to call is 1-866-327-9946 (1-866-EASY-WIN).  Caller #110 wins the money. 

For complete contest rules, CLICK HERE!

Comments (19)
  1. Linda Giuliano says:


  2. Debbie Cudney says:


  3. Linda says:

    Could you give the times like 9 A M. my only computer is at work

  4. Debra Schwerdtfeger says:

    Good luck to everyone

  5. LINDA COOK says:


  6. Francine says:

    I can do this!
    I can do this!
    I can do this!
    I can do this!
    I can do this!
    I can do this!

  7. Barb Sheridan says:

    I can’t see the exact times for the sound for the BIG money contest. Why not?

    1. Mike Stacy says:

      Click MORE

  8. gloria says:

    i cannot see more to get the times for the cash

    1. Mike Stacy says:

      Click on More… it will show you the rest of the times for today.

    2. Allan Camp says:

      Gloria, It is the small pink box in the lower right hand corner. Good Luck on the cash!

  9. Mike says:

    When I call from my sprint cell phone all I ever get is “We are unable to complete your call at this time … Please try again later.” Is this what I should be hear??

    1. Mike Stacy says:

      Many listeners from many stations are all dialing at the same time… you could hear the message you are receiving or get a busy signal or get through and be told what number caller you are. Keep on trying!

  10. Sandi Dupuis says:

    Gosh, I’m so grateful for the help I’m already getting from WRCH
    !…maybe I should leave the $$ for the others!?

  11. mine says:

    I have been trying to call for the 10K and the circuit always still busy.

  12. Allan Camp says:

    There was a guy this morning who had not heard of the contest until he got to work today. His friends told him about it , he called and was number 110. That’s just how this thing works. Good Luck

  13. Felicia Mastroianni says:

    I can’t wait wish me luck!!! I wanna win!!! favorite station play it @ my desk @ work on conputer!!! 🙂

  14. Art P. says:

    I would like to win $1000.00,,,

  15. Art P. says:


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