sue schaefer1 Academic Coach Helps With Teens; Screens! Sue Schaefer, Of Academic Coaches Associates  out of West Hartford says, “On any given day, at any given time, my two teenage boys are in front of one screen or another. I tell my 14 year old to turn off the Xbox, and he moves to the computer. I tell my 18 year old to get off Facebook and he moves to the TV. I tell him to turn off the TV and he is on to the Xbox,
The Problem With Too Much Screen Timeplaying video games, watching TV, and on social network sites like Facebook,  how much time are they actually spending in front of a screen? Shockingly, according to a study by the Kaiser Foundation, teens on average spend seven hours a day in front of a screen.  What you can do:

Sue Schaefer advocates laying down some rules about electronics use and sticking to them.
Here are a few:
No TV or computers in the bedroom.
No TV during meals.
No texting during meals.
Put passwords on computers.
Keep computers in a central location.
Eliminate background TV.
Homework comes before gaming.
Model the behavior you want from your children.


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