53050021 Boredom In School, What Does It Mean?Sue Schaefer is a certified teacher and Academic Coach out of West Hartford Ct., With Academic Coaching Associates.
Sue says the reasons for children being bored at school are as varied as the children that are affected. It certainly does not mean they are all gifted! Here are some reasons many children say they are bored.

Have learning difficulties

— Imagine sitting in a room for an hour when everyone is speaking a language you don’t understand. Wouldn’t you zone out too?! That’s a bit what it is like for a child with learning issues. This child needs to be brought up to the school intervention team.
Are under-challenged —

Does your child get good grades with little effort? Often not do their homework? Turn in sloppy, careless work and not seem to care yet still get good grades? A student such as this really does need to be tested for the gifted program.
Need a connection —

When a child feels isolated at school they may say they are bored. After all, it is boring to sit by yourself in the classroom or cafeteria. The school social worker can be a great resource. Also, many schools have mentor programs where a student is paired with an adult for one-to-one time together. These programs have proven to be very successful.
Are sleep deprived —

Think about it, can you concentrate when you are exhausted? This is especially common with teenagers. In West Hartford, high schools begin an hour earlier than elementary schools. So, just when students are staying up later, schools open up earlier. How does this make sense?
Need a healthier diet — Kids need to eat a healthy breakfast in order to stay tuned in, and doughnut holes followed Red Bull just don’t cut it. Drinking lots of water is great for brain function, so keep hydrated!


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