We all know Ice-T, whether it’s through his rap career, the reality show with wife (Ice Loves Coco), or as detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola on Law & Order: SVU.

We also learned about a year and a half ago that he has a very big fan in country sweetheart, Taylor Swift.

When Lisa Dent and Ramblin’ Ray from Chicago station WUSN had the chance to talk to Taylor Swift a year ago, she was pressed on her favorite television shows and characters, to which she quickly pointed out it was in fact none other than Mr. Ice-T.

“He is like my favorite character,” said Swift. “I love him.”

She also offered an extensive and impressive impression of the rapper-turned-actor in her best Ice-T voice.

“The ‘perp’ broke in the back door, we think that we saw him leave the side entrance, but i got some witnesses on the joint, that wouldn’t tell us what they saw. You know, witnesses.”

So what did Ice-T have to say about the impression, and was he aware of her love for him? The WUSN morning show team got to find out directly when they talked to him today.

“That was very good, that was better than the guy on Saturday Night Live,” he said. “That was a decent impersonation. It’s all fun, I have been very fortunate to be on SVU. We’ve been on now going on 13 years.”

When pressed for what message he would like to relay back to Taylor, Ice-T said, “Tell her thank you for the love, and you know, I’m honored. You’d be surprised who watches you on television. People are appreciating what you are doing, so you know, she moved up on my charts.”

Taylor Swift may have also gained a new bodyguard in the process.

“Now, anyone that say something about Taylor Swift,” said Ice-T, “I gotta punch them in the face.”

Would you want to mess with Ice-T?

Listen to the entire interview HERE


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