By Joan Dylan

I’m not normally a big believer in miracle pills and fad diets that promise rapid, effortless weight loss. As a nutrition  and athlete, I’ve always stood by lots of exercise, and moderation in eating as the only way to really lose weight

However, new scientific studies are changing everything we thought we knew about losing weight and looking your best. Everyone; scientists, nutritionists and the media alike, are talking about  Yesterday when I got home I was exhausted! I was supposed to go to the gym but thought I would take a minute and catch up with Dr. Oz. Well he was raving about Garcinia Cambogia, and how it’s helping people of all shapes and sizes lose weight without any changes to their current lifestyle.
Garcinia   Cambogia is a  Powerful Weight Loss Aid. first of all this is from the fruit and rind called the Tamarind fruit. It is often used in chutney, suaces and soups. It is round and kind of looks like a small pumpkin.  This is what the study says,

“A recent scientific study reveals promising results regarding Garcinia Cambogia and it’s ability to help people burn fat faster. The study, conducted by Dr. Harry G Preuss of Georgetown University Hospital in Washington D.C., followed 30 obese patients over the course of 8 weeks. With  Garcinia Cambogia administered daily, on average each patient lost 14 pounds and reduced their BMI by 6.3%! These are major improvements no matter who you ask. But here’s the amazing part…In this double blind study, patients were asked to eat and exercise as they normally would, which makes this discovery even more significant. What this means is, regardless of your diet or exercise routine, this all-natural supplement
can help you burn away many pounds of fat.” The study goes on to furthur say, ”

A clinical study performed by The Wellmont Health Group recently investigated the effects of this small purple fruit.They discovered that HCA (Hydroxycitric acid), the key ingredient found in Garcinia Cambogia, creates a dual action fat-burning effect that naturally boosts your metabolism and inhibits sugars and carbohydrates from turning into fatty tissue, making it easier than ever to lose and keep off the weight.” Hmmmmmmmmmmm I think I may stop by my local health food place and see about this. How about you? Have you ever heard about this? Tried it? Let me know if you have.


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