By Allan Camp

Allan, Mike & Allison had a chance to speak with George Donaldson of Celtic Thunder live from Glasgow, Scotland!  (He is pictured on the far right)

Paired with an impressive stage show, Celtic Thunder’s mix of traditional and contemporary Celtic music has wowed audiences world-wide for over six years.  Highlight performances by the group have included the 2009 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City, and shows at both the Pentagon and the White House!

On October 4th, fans in Connecticut will get their chance to see the Celtic Thunder live when they bring their brand new show to the Toyota Oakdale in Wallingford!  George Donaldson recently called Allan, Mike & Allison and talked all about what to expect at the show, the group’s upcoming cruise, and more!

It sounds like you might not be from Connecticut! Tell us where you are from.

Well I am from Glasgow, Scotland. I am actually calling from Glasgow this morning!

 My grandfather was from Johnstone, Scotland– that is one place I always wanted to visit!

You should’ve come last week, we had the best weather ever! But [now] it’s back to the same old rain…

We just saw Skyfall. Is that what Scotland looks like?

Oh, yes! It is a great looking country. People always say, “Why does it look so green? Why does it look so stunning?” [It’s] because it rains all the time! [Laughing]

Celtic Thunder is coming to the Toyota Oakdale on October 4th. Can you tell us what the show is going to like?

We have done a lot of work last year on a brand new show called MYTHOLOGY. There have been a couple of face changes since Celtic Thunder originally came on the scene, but we are looking at MYTHOLOGY as a brand new launch of what Celtic Thunder actually stands for, and who we are.

We have a real eclectic mix of all sorts of music, from modern Celtic music, to the original version of “Danny Boy” sung by Emmet Cahill, and other original songs that make Ireland and Scotland well known for its music. We are looking forward to bringing it all to Connecticut this fall!  I don’t think the lads have ever been so excited about going on tour.

Fans can also look forward to your Celtic Thunder cruise as well?

Yes, that is coming up in November! It was a brand new idea. I think a lot of the fans were asking why Celtic Thunder never did a cruise, and the basic answer for that was, “We are always on tour!” The cruise will be something different from just purely Celtic Thunder.  All the guys have had solo careers on their own, so it will give us the opportunity to come out and do solo shows as well.We are excited! I guarantee everyone a good time if they come with us!

You have a brand new song out called “My Land,” and you are donating the proceeds to service men and women in the United States military. Tell us about that song.

“My Land” is actually a song that comes from our [new album], Mythology. I think it is mostly a representation for people who tend to be somewhere else– but are pining for home. The land where we were born will always be the land in our heart and our souls, so that is what “My Land” is technically about.

Celtic Thunder wanted to give back to the States, so the idea came along to donate the proceeds of the song to past and present service men and women. “My Land” will be released on June 17, and we will donate the money of anyone who gets a hold of the download, or buys the physical copy of the CD. We are so delighted that we could help out in that way.

Do you have a website for people who want to learn more about your music?

Yes! You can go to or You can find all the information on what Celtic Thunder has done since our origin six years ago, where we have been on tour, and who we have met along the way!

Celtic Thunder will be at the Toyota Oakdale Friday, October 4, 2013. Get your tickets at or at the Toyota Oakdale Box Office in Wallingford.

Click below for the interview… Plus listen to Allan as he tries to speak Scottish!

–Tyler Roman, WRCH/ Hartford


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