The 10 Weirdest Things People Have Done To Land A Job

A new report by PR Newsire asked a bunch of employers for the weirdest stunts people have pulled in job interviews to try and land a job. Some of these may surprise you! Here’s the top ten . . .

1. A man arrived in a white limo and three-piece suit . . . but it was a mid-level position where the dress code was khakis and a button-down…talk about dress to impress!

2. One guy had their local priest call and say to hire them.

3. Someone had his wife make bars of lavender soap to say thanks for the interview.

4. Someone asked the hiring manager if they wanted to share an ice cream cone… yuck!

5. A guy who had worked as a camp counselor showed up with some of the KIDS he worked with to show he had leadership skills.

6. Someone bought a first-class upgrade to sit next to a hiring manager on a flight.

7. Someone had an interview in October, so they showed up in a Halloween costume… bold strategy.

8. A guy sent socks with a note saying he’d knock their socks off. And someone else sent a shoe, with a note that said he was just trying to get his “foot in the door.”  (I like the creativity!)

9. Someone tried to land a job by KISSING the person who interviewed them… good luck with that one.

10. A guy tried to up his chances by mailing the hiring manager cash… never a good idea.

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