By Leia

Princess Leia, yes, that is where I got my radio name. It wasn’t a surprise that I was upset, as so many others were, to hear of her passing. It wasn’t simply because of her Princess role though, and that was something I wanted to make sure I make SO clear. It was because of everything else that she was. Sure, she taught me that even the Princess in the story could be tough. She could grab the gun and blast the bad guys just like the boys, and she could be pretty and respectful too. The first time I saw her it shattered everything I thought I knew about what being a “girl” was all about, and I loved it.  It wasn’t just that though.

Carrie Fisher was a fierce advocate for mental health and was no stranger to troubles in her life. She struggled with addiction and mental illness herself and through it all, right to the end, she was NEVER afraid to open up and talk about it. She helped me to feel that it was perfectly ok to NOT feel ashamed of problems, and that it was possible to overcome them too. She is a very big part of that sometimes cynical sarcasm I’ve always been so well known for. Not to mention the wonderful books she wrote, and perhaps lesser known, but no less fantastic acting roles she took on after the Star Wars films were through. So for me Carrie Fisher was not just an actress, she wasn’t just a princess, she was one of my first role models, and someone I was and am still proud to say I looked up to. May she truly rest in peace, if only I could have thanked her for all she did for me while she was still here.

I found (among SO many others) a wonderful tribute this week on YouTube and decided it was a good one to share.



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