By Dean Richards

I don’t know how parents do it when they have more than one child. Making each child feel as if they are loved equally by each parent in relation to their siblings. I know my parents were good at it. My brother and I are almost 6 years apart and I never felt unloved or like my brother was favored. My uncle on my father’s side of the family had 11 children and it was so obvious that they loved all of their children. I’ve also seen the other side of that coin where one sibling was obviously favored by a parent or other relative.

Laura from Wolcott called the PillowTalk love lines on Friday. She wanted me to play a song for her daughter Marisa. Marisa often feels like her mother doesn’t love her as much as Marisa’s mom loves her brother even though Laura told me that is definitely not true.

There is a little bit of separation anxiety going on to as Marisa is getting ready to go to college. Marisa wanted to go to school far away but it looks like she is going to a college in Rhode Island.

In any case, Laura wants Marisa to know that her mom loves her so much. Laura asked me to choose a song. That song can be heard and seen below.


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