By Delilah

This weeks Delilah Dilemma is from Patricia, the mother of six has been engaged for 9 years and still not married because they do not have enough money for a wedding.

Patricia, Weddings don’t cost as much as children and if you can provide for 6 kids my goodness, children are a whole lot more expensive than a wedding.  It seems like your problem is you don’t feel like your fiance is being an equal partner.  It seems like you may feel some resentment due to the fact that he can play with “The Boys” but has no time to look for a job.  It’s good he gets to hang out with the boys and his children but he does need to look for a job.  The economy is tough and it’s not going to get better anytime soon, so that’s not an excuse when somebody is unemployed.  They need to be spending as many hours looking for a job as they would be if they were working.  That’s just a side note Patricia…. you need to talk with your fiance and say I don’t care if we only have 10 people at the wedding I don’t care if I have $1,000 dress for $50 dress I find a Goodwill.   I want to be your wife… I want to have the official title of husband and wife.  Please can we get married.  When you’re back on your feet, you can have the party.  It sounds like you just want to know that he is in this forever.  Good luck and God bless

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