...and don't expect any special guests on Gaga's stage.

By Hayden Wright

Since her debut at the dawn of the Obama administration, Lady Gaga has amassed a catalog of hits: Winnowing them down to fit the 12-minute Super Bowl Halftime Show will be a challenge. One smash song from The Fame Monster era would be egregious to leave out, and a new Pepsi featurette confirms that “Bad Romance” will appear on Gaga’s setlist. In behind-the-scenes footage, Gaga’s choreographer and backup dancers are seen practicing their routine for the 2009 classic, which broke streaming records and established Gaga as one of pop’s most powerful forces.

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The process of editing an expansive career down to one definitive set is daunting: Madonna did it in 2012, Beyonce in 2013, and Katy Perry in 2015. Those artists got backup from Cee-Lo Green, LMFAO, Destiny’s Child and Missy Elliott, but Gaga will do hers solo, according to Billboard. Beyonce’s visit to the Coldplay stage last year proves that “guest” performers can ultimately steal the spotlight: When the show’s over, this year we’ll be talking about Gaga only.

In the clip, Gaga admits that she knows “exactly” what she’s going to do at the Super Bowl because she’s dreamed and planned for this since she was four years old.

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Gaga’s preparation here:

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