By Delilah

Tonight’s Delilah dilemma is from No Name did a job for her friend and in spite of the agreement, did not get paid.  And then, she loaned a very large sum of money and she’s gotten less than half of it back.

Delilah says, “No name,  here’s what I can say to you.  This is a very expensive lesson to be learned and hopefully you learned it.  There is a very old book that has been around a few thousand years that says when you lend to somebody consider it a gift.  If you don’t have it to give as a gift, don’t lend it,  because chances are you will not get it back.   I have learned that lesson time and time again people have said I will pay you back and they’re not in the position to do that so I can either get resentful and hurt or I can realize that if I’m going to lend somebody something when I’m really saying is I don’t need this,  you can have it if you need it. You don’t have it to lend to somebody else. Since you can’t hire a lawyer chances are you are probably not going to get it back, so what can you do?  You can purpose in your heart to turn it over to God and say I didn’t really mean to give that as a gift but since I’m not getting it back I’m going to let go of it and have trust in you.  If you put it in God’s hands,  he will pay you back tenfold.


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