The curious case of a broken GRAMMY trophy.

By Hayden Wright

Adele and Beyoncé ran neck-and-neck for honors at last night’s GRAMMY Awards, but Adele swept the main categories for her album 25. In her Album of the Year acceptance speech, Adele fawned over Beyoncé’s achievement on Lemonade and later asked, “What the f— does [Bey] have to do to win album of the year?”

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Shortly after wrapping up her speech, Adele was photographed onstage holding a dismembered GRAMMY trophy—somehow, the statuette producers handed her broke in two between the start of Adele’s category and her jaunt to the pressroom. It might have been a technical issue, but Adele and Beyoncé fans on Twitter are possessed with another theory: Adele broke her own GRAMMY so Beyoncé could have half. The speculation involves the finale of Mean Girls, in which Lindsay Lohan’s character shares her Spring Fling crown with the other contenders.

Backstage footage shows Adele holding the broken pieces and trading them for a stand-in, to be used in photos. Neither Adele nor Beyoncé have weighed in on the theory but the image speaks for itself: In Adele’s mind, a piece of her award belongs to Beyoncé.


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