By Leia

Ever flip past a commercial for something and wonder, “who buys these things?”. Well wonder no more my friends, the answer is me, I buy these things (most of them actually). There have been so many fitness fads over the years, and “as seen on TV” products have been a great place to get some of the most interesting products out there for at home fitness. From the Bowflex, to the Thigh Master we the people have flown through our fair share of things. This product is actually kind of fun, and I’ve found all sorts of online workout ideas and challenges to try with it!

Photo by Leia

Photo by Leia

The Simply Fit Board appeared on an episode of Shark Tank and was actually brought to store shelves following it! The board requires only that you balance and twist on it (check out the video below, its kinda hard to explain) and honestly even if you don’t have much physical agility, you can probably use this. There are several colors and you can order these on Amazon if you cant make it out to one of the fine retailers that sell these. Click here to check out their website and get some more info!


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