By Chuck Taylor

Any arguments? I didn’t think so.

But the higher-ups may need some convincing. So let’s lay this on them…..

Professor John Ashton, one of the UK’s leading doctors, called for the reduction of the British work week from five to four days saying, “the stress that people are under, the pressure on time and sickness absence, [work-related] mental health is clearly a major issue.”

Ashton noted that workers in the UK rarely even take a lunch hour, instead working through lunch; a trend that’s become the norm in the U.S. as well, with fewer than 20 percent of American workers leaving the office for a lunch break.

Japanese businesses are also attempting to address the workaholic culture that pervades their nation. After clocking more than 100 hours of overtime in a month, a Japanese ad agency employee was driven to commit suicide last December.

In Sweden in 2015, workers with reduced hours were sick less often and even ended up being more productive. Less time at the office also translates to less sedentary time, which has been shown to have broad negative health consequences.


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