By Mary Scanlon

Of all the weird stories that I stumble on in a day, the information I read in this one is something else!

Do I eat toast like a normal person??

Do you??
Our friends over at Buzzfeed took a survey on the way the “average” person eats TOAST…

1. 84% like it moderately toasted. 9% like it very lightly toasted, and 7% like it blackened.

2. 71% say white bread is the best for toast.

3. 83% of people use butter . . . 17% use margarine. And two-thirds of people use a modest amount of either one.

4. When people burn their toast, 41% throw it away . . . 38% try to scrape off the burnt parts . . . and 21% just eat it as-is.

5. And finally, 45% eat it whole . . . 36% cut it into triangles . . . and 16% cut it into two rectangles.

Where to you fall in the toast debate??

Click HERE for the whole story from Buzzfeed and take a Toast Quiz!


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