Spring Cleaning Hacks

Yikes, I was  looking around my place yesterday and there’s a ton of  “stuff”.  Papers, extra clothes, because it gets warm then cold again, and dust, oh the dust! I found this cool article and the first tip for getting a Spring cleaning done in record time and keeping it very productive is having a system. Grab three boxes and start the donate/ keep/ throw away sorting out. Sounds simple right? Wrong. Especially if you are doing this cleaning with the family. There will always be someone that wants to keep something they haven’t used in years. This is where the second rule comes into play. Ask yourself or your family members if they have used this item in the last 6 months, or even the last year. It goes out if the answer is no!

I want to let you know about 2 of my favorite places to donate.

  1. Savers on the Berlin Turnpike. Doing a lot of good for communities and excellent source for up cycling goods
  2. Goodwill. They have such great programs that help people get jobs and get back to work!

Happy Spring Cleaning!





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