By Leia

You’ve probably heard about the Jackfruit by now. I discovered this strange fruit as a flavor on the shakes menu at my favorite Pho restaurant (in case this word is new to you, Pho is the Vietnamese word for soup, and its amazing!) this fruit I have tried to explain to people in terms of flavor but it is decidedly difficult to describe!

Ultimately I would say its a combination of the tastes of pear, banana, peach, and maybe a bit of apple and mango, strange to say the least but SO delicious! Recently a friend of mine found a hunk of this fruit on sale at the grocery store (a plain old regular Aldi!) and if you’ve never seen one of these things you might not know that they are HUGE. I agreed to split it with her, and now I’ve got myself a BIG chunk of this in my refrigerator. The challenge now is to figure out what to do with it! Step one I’m going for this shake recipe I found. Honestly if you haven’t tried this you really should! If you’re a little hesitant to invest in the fruit itself, try heading to your local Pho restaurant and asking about it there. Chances are they already have something on the menu with it! Click here for a great easy recipe to get you started once you decide to try this!


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