By Chuck Taylor

Midwesterners are the safest drivers, while Northeasterners speed the most and Southerners are most likely to use cellphones while driving.

That’s according to new results from a mobile application carried by drivers on their smartphones over millions of miles between April 2016 and March 2017 suggest.

The differences in regional and even state-by-state driving habits cast new light on recent statistics that show the most dramatic two-year increase in road-related fatalities in decades, and add fuel to the debate over the effect state laws and enforcement play in making travel on streets and highways less dangerous.

Here’s what the study found out about Connecticut drivers:

23rd: average rank among 50 states on unsafe driving habits.
Unsafe habits as a percentage of car trips April 2016 to March 2017 and rank out of 50 states:
Phone use: 31.1% Rank 45 of 50 states
Speeding: 53.3% Rank 2 of 50 states
Hard braking: 32.5% Rank 13 of 50 states
Risky acceleration: 19.8% Rank 21 of 50 states
Abrupt turn: 14.4% Rank 34 of 50 states


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