1. Axe Your Apps

Facebook, Pinterest, CandyCrush All fun apps, but extreme time zappers. You tell yourself you’re only going on for 10 minutes, but the next thing you know the whole day has slipped by. I have the worst time of it with Pinterest! I have taken it off my phone at times and left it only on my lap top and it sure does shore up my time!

2. Fight the Urge to Hoard Photos . We capture every detail of our lives and stockpile tons of images we quickly forget about until we run out of storage. Clean out photos while waiting in lines at stores and banks, just dont do it while someone is talking to you or at a meal!


3. Ease Up on Texting

If you’re an incessant texter, you should expect to get just as many text messages back. If being less attached to your phone is your goal, simply commit to sending fewer texts. Also, take some time to clean out your old text messages. There’s no need to have hundreds of them sitting in your inbox.

4. Put it down

seriously, I think we have all forgotten we all were fine before cell phones. In a land far, far, away before time began, People called other people at their homes and left messages and… wait for it….. and NOTHING bad happened~!

“But it’s a false sense of convenience because it’s pulling you out of the moment.