A Smorgasbord Of Goodness

So many great calls on Friday night’s edition of PillowTalk…Kathy from Indian Orchard called to say, “Hey Dean…Play That Song”. So we played the latest song by Train. Monique was driving through in the tri-state area. She is originally from Chicago and she called tonight because she is thinking of and missing her family. I played a song by a group with Chicago origins, Earth, Wind & Fire.

I received a very nice call from a women who wanted to thank me for what I do every night on PillowTalk. She has lost someone close to her in the last year. She told me that my manner and the way I conduct myself on the air has gotten her through many a lonely night over the last year. She said that has helped her a great deal. She asked me not to use her name and she didn’t want to say where she is from. I do appreciate her positive comments and I’m glad that it is having the effect that it’s having. As I told her on the PillowTalk love lines, it’s something I truly believe. Simply, life throws at us a lot of negative things beyond our control. Stuff happens. Life is a 50/50 proposition. I try to come down on the positive side and do the best I can for myself and everybody listening. It certainly beats the alternative. Thanks for showing your appreciation. The listeners are the only thing that really matters.

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