By Joan Dylan

It’s is weird because even after a great weekend or in many cases especially after a fabulous  weekend a sense of dread can set in on Sunday night. I have felt it and I am sure you have too. Just the thought of Any work you left piled up on your desk, any return phone calls to make and especially if you have scheduled an early morning Monday meeting. Well, I saw this great article by Real Simple and there are a couple of great ways to avoid the pitfalls of the Sunday night dark cloud feeling. Peggy Duncan, an Atlanta-based professional organizer says:  1. Become a Forward Thinker

“One reason you feel off on Sunday, of course, is that your head is swirling with tasks for the upcoming week. Spare yourself this stress by ending your workweek with a plan. Before you leave the office on Friday, prep your desk so you can jump in Monday without missing a beat says Create a Monday-specific to-do list, line up necessary files, and tag e-mails that require attention. If you have to check your work calendar over the weekend, do it Sunday morning to avoid having the prospect weigh on you all day, then dive into a distraction (exercise, playtime with the kids) to keep yourself from becoming consumed with work thoughts. If it is within your control, don’t schedule Monday-morning meetings. They just add to the sense of dread,” Duncan explains. Wow, for the rest of the article click here I found it to be spot on!


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