By Mary Scanlon

Mother’s Day is upon us and we all have budgets. I am here to let you in on a little secret.  Mother’s Day gifts don’t always have to cost a ton of money.

Now, put the macaroni and gold paint away. We aren’t talking about MAKING a present.

We are talking about showing a gift that is priceless.

Here are five simple things you can do to impress your mom that are easy, sweet and, best of all, FREE!

1. Don’t just be on time getting to her house or brunch , be early. Mom’s appreciate punctual. It really does show you care.

2. Actually write in your Mother’s Day card …. more than just your name. If you’re not great with words, get help from a sibling or a friend. Words matter.

3. If your mom is bad with technology, make sure her phone and computer are updated and functioning properly. Or if she needs some quick repairs around the house, offer to take care of them. If you aren’t Mr/Ms Fix it kind of person, offer to hire someone to do it. ( she WILL brag about this to her friends)

4. Tell her a story about how you’ve used at least one piece of advice she’s given you over the years. (This one is gold medal stuff)

5. As you’re leaving her house, take out the trash. It seems too simple but, it is appreciated.

Now go hug your Mom!!!


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