By Dean Richards

Workplace relationships can be difficult. You may want to share your feelings with the object of your affection but not the whole office. The other side of that is that if things don’t work out, things can get awkward in a hurry. Unless certain ethical protocols are followed respectfully, a lot could be at risk. Personally I made a rule for myself fairly early on in my career which I have followed pretty much consistently: Don’t go there. That’s not for everyone however.

One PillowTalk listener was willing to take the leap on Wednesday night. A “secret admirer” from Wallingford reached out to a co-worker named Emily. The “secret admirer” wanted to send Emily a message: “Thanks for brightening my day every time I see you at work.” Sinatra gets the message across smoothly.

Carlos in Meriden wanted to provide hope to everyone listening who may be down on themselves. He also wanted to send love to his family, namely his wife Rachel and his son Joel. He loves them and says, “Always have hope.”

Congratulations to “Tater” in Morris from his friend Wendy in West Cornwall upon graduating from Oliver Wolcott in Torrington with best wishes for future success.


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