By Dean Richards

“Play that song, Dean…You know the one. The one that goes, That’s what you gotta do”. She didn’t have the name of that song but I knew exactly what Paula of East Hartford meant. And Paula had a nice dedication of appreciation. Her daughter Rachel of East Hartford has found a good friend named of Joey and Paula notices the positive way he treats her daughter. Paula called to express in a PillowTalk dedication that she likes that her daughter is being treated by Joey the way she deserves to be treated. We are glad to share such a nice dedication and play your song on PillowTalk.

David’s dedication is a little bit of heaven or rather a love song for Heaven who, like David, lives in Torrington. David message: “I miss you when you are away traveling for work. I always want you to be safe and I love you’. David requested a Lionel Richie love song in advance of Lionel Richie’s show at Foxwoods on July 1st.

Don from in New Britain continues to get important messages through with PillowTalk dedications to Suzanne in Burlington. His message tonight: “We’ve been through a lot together. I hope that we will go through a lot more together in the future. A song by Pink is just perfect for Don on PillowTalk.


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