Fourth Of July Refresher-Independence Day Trivia

I hope you enjoy your independence on the 4th of July. Let us not forget our history and an understanding of how this holiday came to be. I put together a few questions surrounding the 4th of July. Doing so allowed me to review the significance of the 4th and hopefully that will provide some fun for you. So here we go. Have fun. A little more knowledge of the facts to stay informed helps everyone. Have a happy and safe Independence Day.

1. The 4th of July celebrates the signing of The Declaration of Independence, True or False?

2. When did the 4th of July become a federal holiday?

a. 1781
b. 1905
c. 1865
d. 1870

3. The Declaration of Independence was adopted by which body?

a. First Continental Congress
b. The Warren Commission
c. Second Continental Congress
d. The Supreme Governor’s Council

4. “Created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” are known as what?

a. The Preamble
b. Self Evident Truths
c. The Proclamation
d. Privileges and Responsibilities

5. Three of the first five Presidents died on July 4th. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died in 1826. Can you name the third? (He died in 1831).

6. Which President was born on the 4th of July?

a. Rutherford B. Hayes
b. John F. Kennedy
c. Theodore Roosevelt
d. Calvin Coolidge

answers: 1F -The adoption of, d2, 3c, b4, 5 James Monroe, 6d (1872).

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