By Mary Scanlon

The moment I realized that my Mommy kiss on a boo boo zapped away pain was a magical day. One kiss from my chapsticked lips held healing powers! It was a like some kind of special Mommy power had been bestowed on me that day. You may dismiss the boo boo kiss as nonsense or a psychological placebo… but now science is backing up it’s powers!
A new study out of Chile found that when you kiss your kid’s  boo boos your saliva is actually doing MORE than just helping them psychologically.

They found that your saliva has a protein called histatin-1, and it can help minor cuts and scratches heal BETTER and FASTER.

They say that also explains why cuts inside your mouth heal quicker than cuts on any other spot on your body!

Imagine what science could find by harnessing the power of a boo boo kiss??? lol

CLICK HERE to check out the whole story!


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