By Delilah

This weeks Delilah’s Dilemma is from a teenager named Victoria, who has had a crush on a boy since 2nd grade and now he has moved across the country and she sees him on social media with another girl.

Delilah: Victoria you need to communicate with him and find out what his intentions are not what his feelings are, because feelings come and feelings go, they wax the wain,  but what are his intentions? Does he intend to be in a romantic committed relationship with you?  If he is as shy as you are, he may not be able to express that, but you need to know that, because right now you’re in limbo you’re both old enough to start thinking about what you want in your future and you clearly want him in your future but it does not sound like he has expressed that to you.  So maybe this Delilah dilemma will open that conversation and you can say…. I need to know…. am I ever going to be your committed girlfriend or just that crush from second grade.  If he can’t give you an honest answer to that, if he hems and haws and says ” I Don’t Know, I’m not ready for a commitment” then that is your answer.  You need to accept that,  and close the door.  It  doesn’t mean you stop loving him.  It  doesn’t mean those feelings will ever go away, they won’t. But your heart is big enough to love more than one person. That’s something the Cinderella fairy tails and the Disney movies don’t teach us.  It will always be a part of you, it just won’t be part of a relationship.  So figure that out…. and figure out what to do.  God Bless

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