By Mike Stacy

ICYMI, My oldest son Ben along with his friend Alex, Emily and Khalfani drove West for the Eclipse.  They had stops in Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming.  Along the way the saw the eclipse and learned a lot about camping!  Listen to the podcast below!

This was a listener response from Barbara!

Hi Mike,

     I enjoyed your telling of Ben’s trip out west to see the eclipse and Yellowstone/Grand Teton Nat’l parks. What an experience for him! I have made 2 trips to Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks and they are 2 of my favorite places in the country. There are a lot of bears though, and you need to be aware of your surroundings. I just wanted to pass on some information that I learned while I was there.

     If you are hiking and find  a pile of bear poop on the trail, there are several ways to tell if it’s from a black bear or a grizzly.

     Black bear: has berries, seeds and maybe some bits of fur in it.

     Grizzly bear: bones, bits of clothing, maybe a shoe lace, cell phone or pair of sunglasses, and it smells like bear spray!



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