By Dean Richards

Congratulations to Robert and Patricia. One, because they just got engaged. Two, because they were lucky enough to find PillowTalk as they were driving through the area and enjoying it. We are lucky that they were listening and glad to have them. They are from Maine and are getting married on November 10th. They wanted a Smokey Robinson song to set the mood on their drive.

It was a really long day for Jessie from Springfield. She begins her work day early in the morning and was driving home listening to PillowTalk. Something I’m happy to say, she has done for many years. She wanted to hear The Lady In Red to smooth out the ride home and make her after work hours stress-free.

Rob and Alyssa from Middletown have been together for 7 years. On a long drive, Alyssa was thinking about all of the ups and downs she has been through with Rob wanted to play a song for him to celebrate their relationship. Love of A Lifetime was the one tonight.

Elizabeth in Watertown was missing her fiance David who is away. They plan to marry next year. A song by Lady Antebellum reflects how she feels.


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