By Joan Dylan

My Friend Joe Carabase, is really a holistic kind of coach in that he stresses the point that you can work out a little at a time and not over do it, while still making great strides. In the same way,  one can eat healthy without stressing out and going on diets!!  Here are some of Joe’s suggestions with a special lean toward back to school snacks that are super easy for kids:

Veggies and Dip
Fresh salsa is always good! Or guacamole, hummus – even at least melted cheese just to introduce dipping veggies. Sure kids may not like veggies alone but a little dipping will change their minds!

Look for Healthier Chip Options
Some popcorn options are better; organic kernels. there are some chips that are made from beans or sweet potatoes. ( I love the sweet potato chips at Costco!)

Fruits are always great!
Nuts can be tough because schools don’t allow them due to allergies, but some do allow seeds. ( I find nuts can be rather addictive and I seem to have waaaaay more control over just a handful of seeds!)

What about getting kids active and off their electronics?
Understand that electronics will be a part of their life. But engage with them, find out what they want but also include them – invite them to take a hike with you or participate in a 5k.For more information, contact Joe at  and follow Joe Carabase on Instagram and Facebook and M.E.L.T on Instagram!


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