By Leia

When I got the email from Groupon stating that the restaurant I’d bought a certificate for had officially closed its doors I was, of course, disappointed. They told me I had 24 hours to choose a new Groupon and they gave me a 12 dollar extra credit so I figured this couldn’t be too hard. Then I remembered that partner and I had just been discussing trying to cut back on eating at restaurants and start cooking more at home so it seemed nearly impossible to pick out a good one without getting a restaurant gift certificate!

Then it appeared, the HelloFresh offer. I figured why not, after all the price was already dramatically smaller, and I had the credit anyway. I gave it a shot. Signed on for one week of the service just for fun, to see what it was all about. The service works with either a classic plan, veggie (vegetarian) plan, and there is a family plan option too. I chose cooking for two (there are options for how many people you plan to feed) and I picked the veggie plan. Ordinarily I probably wouldn’t entertain the idea of paying for such a service. After all I love grocery shopping (strange, I know) and I love being creative in the kitchen so I certainly didn’t think I’d want to have someone bossing me around my own kitchen! Turns out I had a pleasant surprise on the way when the first box arrived.

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Photo by Leia

I had it delivered to my job since I wasn’t quite sure how exactly I would have the ingredients for three solid meals delivered without keeping it refrigerated! The box was insulated and had ice packs sealed inside with all the food, I guess I wasn’t the first person who would have to receive their shipment at their desk. The food is so well kept that I could have had it delivered to my house and it would still be cold and fresh when I arrived hours later, there was no need to worry!

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Photo by Leia

As I dove into the box when I got home I realized this was going to be a lot more enjoyable than I had originally thought! The ingredients were individually bagged for easy keeping, and there were recipe cards with all the instructions (with pictures!) so there was no confusion and no need to weight or measure anything! I took out what I needed (they list that on the cards too!) and got to work!

22070472 10214086509571735 1143604133 o Trying A Cooking Delivery Service

Photo by Leia

In about 30 minutes my dinner was finished and just in time to settle in and watch some tv while the laundry cycle finished up! This allowed me to chop and cook and feel the rush of making a good meI had enough in this first recipe for a filling dinner, and packed the rest for a lunch I’d be thinking about all morning the next day.

22068959 10214086507691688 396191933 o Trying A Cooking Delivery Service

Photo by Leia

The ingredients really WERE just as fresh as the name suggests, and being on a budget with each recipe giving me two meals, the plan works out to about $5 per meal! So there it is, I am on a mission now to try all the different services and find the right one for me but I’ve got to say, its gonna take a pretty amazing effort to beat out this first one! If you’re interested in signing up and giving it a try I highly recommend it. Click here for more info!


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