By Dean Richards

One of the things I like about hosting PillowTalk is that it keeps listeners connected to those they love, even when they can’t physically be in the same place. Sometimes life can get busy. That doesn’t mean however, that the thought of someone special is lost when we are apart.

Russ from Middletown apparently is a hard working musician trying to advance in his career. Eileen is ever present on his mind even when he is working. That’s where PillowTalk on Lite 100.5 WRCH comes in. Russ wanted Eileen to know that even though he is working to make ends meet and moving forward in his career, he loves her very much. 3 Doors Down brings his point home.

Lewis in Hartford was pretty much in the same situation. He wanted PillowTalk to help reach out to his wife of 15 years, Jenny. Lewis loves Jenny and was thinking of her while he was at work. When he called, he was looking forward to seeing her when he gets home. Lewis was in the mood for the music of Marvin Gaye.

In 1968 Jane and her family moved into their house and found themselves living next door to George and his family. George and Jane would end up dating through high school before going their separate ways. One night years later, Jane walked into a bar where George was bar tending. They have been together ever since. That was 37 years ago. George and Jane now live under the same roof in Forestville. A song by Bob Seger speaks for itself.


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