By Chuck Taylor

Connecticut has a number of legends about haunted locations. Two that come to mind for me are Dudleytown (the cursed village founded by the Dudley family) in the northwest corner to the Mark Twain House in Hartford. Neither of those, however, made this list from

  1. Ledge Lighthouse (New London) – Supposedly haunted by the spirit of a former light keeper. “Ernie” appears as a tall bearded man wearing a rain slicker. In addition, many have claimed to have seen cups moving around by themselves, sheets flying off of the bed, radios turning on and off and the foghorn sounding on its own.
  2. Milford Cemetery (Milford) – One of the oldest burial grounds in America, so I guess it would be no surprise if it were haunted. The first person was buried in 1644. An apparition of a ghostly woman wearing a white dress reportedly roams the cemetery at night.
  3. Makens Bemont House (East Hartford) – Built by Edmund Bemont in 1761, the family resided in it for nearly 100 years. Nothing mysterious was ever reported as the house changed owners several times. But when the house was turned over to the historical society and moved from its original location to Martin Park, it seems some spirits may have been disturbed. The workers completing the renovations reported unexplained tapping, scratching and bangs.
  4. Lake Compounce (Bristol) – According to legend, John Compound, a Native American cheiftan who traded the property to white settlers in 1684 met an untimely death. One story says that his tribe murdered him for releasing the sacred land and another story has him drowning in the lake when he tried to cross it in a large brass kettle. People have reported mysterious lights, objects moving freely from one place to another, strange music playing after hours and the echoes of voices.
  5. Abigail’s Grille & Wine Bar (Simsbury) – The former Pettibone Tavern is rumored to be inhabited by the ghost of Abigail Pettibone, the wife of a whaling captain. Her husband was away at sea for long periods of time and Abigail supposedly took up with another man. The husband discovered them together when he came home early and killed them both with an ax. People have claimed to see the ghostly Abigail floating around the tavern. In addition, wine bottles fly off shelves, furniture slides across the floor and some employees have heard their names being called by unseen voices.



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