By Joan Dylan

Once again, it’s time to stock up on Halloween candy and if you do not want to disappoint the little trick or treaters on your block check out the list below of a recent poll on twitter of the top 5 worse candies!

1.Good & Plenty–First on my list always but this “Tweeter” had me lol’ing for real with this comment, ” They got the “plenty” part right but “good,” not so much. As exciting as it is to pop pill-shaped candy in your mouth, once you realize the pink and white pieces aren’t cherry and vanilla but instead are black licorice, it is too late – the taste will stay with you until Thanksgiving.”

2.NeccoWafers – Necco Wafers are one of the oldest candies in America and by the look and taste of them I often wonder how one could tell if their batch was stale or not seeing that all of them eventually crumble like sidewalk chalk!

3.Circus Peanuts– I have never ever understood how these are still being manufactured! They took two good flavors, marshmallow and peanut and instead of making something taste like a delicious bite size Fluffernutter… they actually taste like packing peanuts!

4.Dum Dums– Dum Dums don’t taste too bad, but even kids know they get this on the regular at the Docs office or bank. If your’e going to do a lolly- pop may I suggest a substantial one like a Blow Pop or a Tootsie Pop?

5.Bit-O-Honey – In all fairness this was in a tie with Mary Jane. They are both a real nightmare to the jaw! Pick your poison: jaw pain with honey… or molasses?


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