By Dean Richards

You are a parent. One of your children shows a passion for something but the activity could be risky or dangerous. Would you discourage it? Would you encourage it? Would you do something in between? What if your “child” is an adult? Tough call?

I remember when my lanky older brother wanted to play football as a wide receiver in high school. My parents used their veto power faster than you can say “slant route on 2.” He went on to letter in baseball, basketball and soccer…teeth and bones intact.

Steve from Manchester called me Friday night with a dedication for his adult son Mathew. Mathew has recently purchased a motorcycle. Steve says his son works extremely hard and likes to ride to blow off steam.

Steve requested a tall in the saddle hit by Glen Campbell with the message: “Enjoy your new ride. Please be extra careful. Your dad loves you and is always there for you.


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