By Chuck Taylor

As it turns colder, every living creature is looking for a way to keep warm. And for little rodents, your home is mighty inviting. You, however, would be wise to keep those creatures outside. A cat is a great deterrent, however, they’re not always the most reliable resource to keep the pests away. So you might want to try some of these tips.


  1. TABASCO SAUCE – Sprinkle some drops around the foundation of your house. You can also mix a couple teaspoons with a teaspoon of dish detergent and two cups of hot water, and then spray the solution onto any areas where they can get in.
  2. CAYENNE PEPPER – An inexpensive yet effective way to keep the mice away. Every few weeks, just sprinkle it around any potential areas where the vermin can sneak inside your home.
  3. GARLIC – Mix chopped garlic with water, and you can make your very own anti-mice spray. Or you can leave garlic cloves in places where mice may enter your home.
  4. CLOVES – Mice don’t like cloves. Leave them around the house and it will be nice for you as a natural homeopathic scent. You can place a bunch of cloves inside pantyhose or a strainer cloth and put them in any areas where mice can potentially appear.
  5. PEPPERMINT – Get some 100 percent pure peppermint oil and put at least five drops on a cotton ball. Then, place them in all the areas where mice would be likely get into your house. Refresh the cotton balls every 2-4 weeks and make sure they’re pungent enough to deter the mice.



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