By Delilah

This Delilah dilemma is from Jaye, a married woman with a child who was working out of town and fell in love with a colleague.  They had a relationship that ended, they tried to remain friends, harsh words were spoken and now they no longer communicate and now she wants Delilah to convince him to forgive her.

Delilah: Jaye,  listen to me.   I’m not going to sit here and judge you for the relationship you had cuz God knows I’ve done far worse and I’m not going to tell you the  should have been, would have been, could have been’s…. but I am going to say that to stir up the pot to reconnect to try to get him to forgive you is only going to bring more heartache into your life.  That ache…  it may always be there, that’s the truth when you love somebody that deeply that completely and you connect like that,  it may never go away. But for now it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie, for now it’s best to let that Alligator lie,  because if you wake it up, it’s going to bite you in the behind.  just my thoughts..D

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