By Chuck Taylor

I’ll admit this might not be the most romantic thing for Valentine’s Day, but it sure is interesting to see how perspectives in America have changed over the years.

These stats are from a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Why we get married…

  • 88% for love
  • 81% to make a lifelong commitment
  • 76% for companionship

We’re getting married, again…

  • 23% of married people have been married before (that was 13% in 1960)
  • 20% of marriages include one spouse who had previously been married
  • 20% of marriages both spouses had previously been married

Religion doesn’t matter like it used to…

  • 39% of marriages include spouses from two different religious backgrounds (before 1960 that number was 16%)

Interracial marriages aren’t as big of an issue either…

  • 17% of marriages involve two different races (in 1967 that was 3%)

Same for same-sex marriages…

  • In 2007, 54% were opposed to the idea
  • In 2017, 62% were in favor of it



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