Dr. Elaine Ducharme

Dr. Ducharme’s Blog February 19, 2018 When the Grown-ups Can’t Take Charge the Kids Will

It appears that this is what is happening in our country. Our parents …the government…are so focused on hating and disagreeing with each other they cannot take care of their kids…the rest of us.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog February 12, 2018 American Heart Month Go Red for Women

Although we generally think about Valentine’s Day in February, we need to remember that February is American Heart Month.


Dr Elaine Ducharme On The Sexual Abuse Scandals In The News

And what we should look for in our kids


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog January 29, 2018 Justice for Victims of Sexual Abuse

I hope this is the beginning of something way beyond the #metoo movement. I hope this is the beginning of a new understanding and a new justice for victims of sexual crimes.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog January 22, 2017 The Art of Being Happy

I decided to take a look at what the research says about the traits of happy people. Here are a few of the things identified.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog January 15, 2018 Traditions

In this very hectic world it is important to get out kids and grandkids off their electronics and establish traditions.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog January 2, 2018 Happy New Year

“Before you step onto 2018, be sure to cancel your subscription to other people’s drama and negativity.”


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog December 25, 2017 Willpower, Finances and Spending

It’s probably not a surprise to read that money and the economy are top causes of stress for Americans, as shown in APA’s most recent Stress in America Survey.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog December 18, 2017 Navigating Difficult Conversations During the Holidays

According to the 2017 Stress in America Survey, published by the American Psychological Association, 27 percent of adults strongly or somewhat agree that the political climate has caused strain between themselves and their family members.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog December 4, 2017 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

This is a very sad moment in time. Yet, I also believe it is a very exciting period where we will, as a nation, make a major culture change.



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