Dr. Elaine Ducharme

Thanksgiving 2017 Can We Be Thankful?

With a little effort we can often find the many positive things that still outnumber the bad.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog November 13, 2017 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in Children …when it is not just a phase

In order to qualify as true OCD the following criteria must be met.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog October 30, 2017 Caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease

The statistics are staggering and we have no cure.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog October 23, 2017 Sexual Trauma

I have spent well over 30 years specializing in the treatment of trauma and abuse. I have had a number of kids tell me that while they hear a lot about bullying in school, they learn very little about sexual abuse. So let’s talk about it now.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog October 16, 2017 How is Depression Different than Sadness?

Contrary to popular belief, people can’t just “snap out of” depression and feel better right away.


Dr Elaine Ducharme On Las Vegas And How To Talk With Your Kids

Psycologist Dr Elaine Ducharme is a monthly guest on the WRCH Morning Show.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog October 2, 2017 Seasonal Affective Disorder

This is very different than the “winter blahs” and generally responds very well to treatment.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog September 25, 2017 People Helping People…Thank You Red Cross

Many of us have also noticed that when terrible events such as these occur, people seem to rise to their best. One of the groups that is always present in face of disasters is the Red Cross.


Dr. Ducharme’s Blog September 18, 2017 Managing Chronic Pain

According to the Institute of Medicine at least 100 million adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain, Pain actually serves an important purpose. It alerts us to injuries such as a sprained ankle […]


Dr. Elaine Ducharme: September is Suicide Prevention Month

Hear Dr Ducharmes conversation with Mary and Allan and get links on who to call or text if considering suicide.



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