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It only takes a few minutes of listening to know that Joan absolutely loves keeping you company during each day. You can almost see the smile on her face while she’s talking about the latest release from a favorite artist, discussing plans for the weekend, relating an e-mail she received from a listener, or giving away great prizes over the air, in person or here on!

Listen to the 3 Tunes @ Noon weekdays around lunchtime!

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This Is Clearly The Worst Trend Ever

Introducing hanging  beard ornaments.


These Four Sisters from Colorado are ‘SHEL’

This  group called SHEL is featured below and on our station with their remix of “Sleigh Ride” and it is so unique and fun!


Top Passwords You Need to Lose In 2018!

There are passwords that are so easy to figure out and yet… we use them so much that they made a top 2017 list of overused passwords.


A New Way Of Tackling Goals

I just read a great article on brainstorming and how we block ourselves by thinking there is one correct answer. The way around this kind of thinking?…


Two Turtle Doves and a…. Pickle??

I have also heard that many families hide the pickle somewhere on the tree where it is very hard to find  and the very first family member that spots it has good luck all the new year through. 


Last Minute Gifts Can Still Be Thoughtful

If you have been busy this Christmas Season ( and who isn’t?) I have a few ideas that are still really thoughtful and you can pick up at a HomeGoods or Marshall’s.


Holistic Fair Benefits You and The Plainville Food Pantry

This Sunday Dec. 17,  from   12pm- 4pm you can join over 45  Holistic service providers that keep things green for the community and your health!!


This Jacket is Self Heating and Dreamy!

Do you have an outdoor person  in your life that loves activity but hates always being cold? Well, this Jacket ActionHeat 5v,  is the first of its kind that actually heats from the inside as it is battery operated! It looks sleek and the lucky person who gets this as a gift, will feel like  […]


Chilly? Hot Toddy To The Rescue !

Click here for all the amazing Tea recipes including hot toddy!


A Solution to The Travel Pillow and A Great Gift

Trt Travel Pillow is so comfy, plush and has ribbing in it to keep your neck upright (instead of on your cabin mate’s shoulder).




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