Lisa's Delilah Dilemma

December 9, 2017

This Delilah Dilemma is from a young woman married 2 years.  The doctors told her she cannot conceive any children and in her depression she says her husband has abandon her emotionally, so she's turned to another man

 Lisa (not her real name) here's what I would say to you it's not your husband that needs counseling, it's you.  You are the one that needs to get your butt into a really good counselor and work through some really deep issues, because you are feeling like a victim.  Your words tell me that your dreams were Stolen from you.  Your husband you said has abandoned you and  you are feeling like a total victim And that's no way to live and even if you are involved with somebody else and even if you leave your husband and partner with this person it's not going to last because nobody can stand to be with a victim for very long.  Somebody who is needy and clingy and blaming others for their problems.  I am Very very sorry that you are struggling with fertilization issues but you are not alone. And you need to  work through that.  Talk through that... deal with it,  become empowered! You say your dreams of becoming a mother were stolen from you...says who?  Because you cannot conceive,your dreams of a mother were not stolen, your dreams of being pregnant may have come to an end and you have to accept that.  but honey all of us have to accept things every day that are hard to accept and you need to do that. If you knew the struggles my children have to deal with every day.  The realities they face and the acceptance they have to have you would be blown away and yet they do it with grace and dignity not with the victim's mentality.   So go to a counselor get to the bottom of this, stop cheating on your husband and seeing another man and deal with yourself and once you deal with your self and start feeling healthier and once you stop being a victim, I'll bet you that love your husband used to show you will come back. -D     Click HERE for more Delilah Dilemma's Delilah Requests 1-888-633-5452 Text :48484 Delilah Til Dawn     Weekends 7pm - 5am Weekdays midnight - 5am