Holiday Memories Of Those Who Mean So Much

December 13, 2017

As the weather gets colder, PillowTalk listeners can't help get closer. Many times the holiday favorites bring back lots of family memories. Thanks for the phone call from Alex in Portland who told me to send a song to "her dear sister Chris in East Hampton. She said that her sister always has a way of making the holidays an adventure. This song definitely fits as the low temperatures had for the mid teens tonight.

I'm not surprised that Joanne from Suffield misses her dad almost every day even though he left us almost 40 years ago. She loves him and is always thinking of him. What is it about our dad's and trains? Roger Miller's brilliant simplicity made it part of the holiday season.
Dan from East Longmeadow, MA is thinking of his fellow veterans this holiday season and wanted me to play A Soldiers Silent Night by Ted Berndt for all of our men and women in uniform.