Candy's Delilah Dilemma

December 16, 2017

This Delilah's response to Candy, who is in a relationship with a nice guy....but Delilah: So candy here is my take on your situation.  You are in a one sided love affair.  You are involved with somebody who is very much in love with you, very good to you, very committed to you.  But you don't feel the same way about him and basically to be honest you're using him because you think there's no other good guys out there,  you're afraid to be honest with him, and tell them that you're not that into him. You're afraid you'll lose him and not find somebody is nice as him and truth is.... there are not a lot of good guys out there like that.  But if you're not into him,  if you're not attracted to him,  if you're not crazy about him,  you can't conjure that up,  you can't talk yourself into it.  You either have an attraction,  you either feel compelled to be with him or you don't.  If you don't , then hes going to begin to annoy you and you're going to be rude to him.  So be honest with yourself.... maybe what you need to do is go away for a little while alone and see if you miss him,  and see if you miss him helping you around the house,  bringing you flowers, the little gifts,  the fine things he does.  See if that is a void in your life.  Maybe because you have certain expectations of what he should look like or whatever, you’re not allowing to feel the love that you have for him, or you’re just not into him. Either way you need to be honest.  Click HERE for more Delilah Dilemmas Delilah Requests 1-888-633-5452 Text:48484 Postal Address: Delilah Show 4742 42nd Ave SW#1 Seattle , Washington 98116       Delilah Til Dawn Weekends 7pm - 5am Weekdays midnight - 5am