Dedication To Meditation - Dean's Diary Day One

December 19, 2017

In a moment of mindfulness I looked at my right hand. It was clenched shut like a clamshell. I used my left hand to pry my right hand open one finger at a time. In another moment of mindfulness I noticed my reflection in a pizza shop window in the mid day sun. I looked like an elderly man. My 6'4" frame was hunched over to about 5'9". I looked hard at the image squinting from tension. This "elderly" looking man was 40ish. The first thing I did when I got home was turn on MTV. There sat Sting talking about the yoga he practiced with jazz trumpeter Chris Botti pre show. The real eye opening moment came when my legs carried me to the Eastern Thought section of a bookstore as if I was lifted on an amusement ride and placed down in front of a series of books by someone by the name of Thich Nhat Hanh. I bought one. His message of compassion was simple. Follow your breath and you will find the peace you are after through mindful meditation. Many of my friends have asked me "How do you meditate?" Others have told me that they have tried and can't do it. My own practice has been inconsistent with many distractions. This is not unusual by any means, especially in the busy world we live in today. Part of the reason for doing this diary is to practice more consistently. The question is: Am I willing to make the commitment that will ultimately give me the ability to truly be present and enjoy this path I'm on? My meditation diary that will follow in the days ahead is the result of my commitment and the wisdom gained from it that I would like to share with you. I hope you'll find something positive in it that will help you in your daily life. December 3, 2017 My meditation began in earnest at 1 am for 15 minutes using my phone with an alarm that I preset. This came after 10 minutes attempting to meditate while watching a home improvement show on my iPad. This is a distraction. Finally shut it off for 15 minutes and got down to business, feet on the floor, rear end to back of a wooden chair in a wooden chair that goes with my butcher block table in my dining room hands face down just above my knees. The primary focus of my attention during the session was tension in my upper forehead, my nose along my cheek line and the left side of my throat to clear up a persistent blockage or impasse. Whlie following my breath at one point I find myself taking slow very deep breaths from my belly up through my whole body which released tears from my eyes running down my Face the salt from the tears stinging my cheeks but bathing them at the same time cheek and relieved much of the tension in my sinuses. At times experience moments of extreme peacefulness during which time I found myself naturally bringing my hands together folding my hands as if beginning to pray. In the midst of the peacefulness I could hear the sound of room noise ringing in my ears. At the conclusion of my 15 minutes with the tension in my eyes and nose released I felt I could see more clearly with a wider field of vision and more depth. Truth is you can meditate any time anywhere. As long as you have your breath. All you have to do is breath deeply and follow each breath from your belly up through your chest and out. Your mind will probably wander... Just come back to your breath and be mindful of what goes on. To be continued...