Dedication To Meditation - Dean's Diary Day Two

December 20, 2017
December 4 12:44 am - 30 minutes Lower half of my right arm tension. The refrigerator dominant noise the refrigerator loud white noise later diminished lots of deep breathing from the belly while meditating I heard a woman outside exchange pleasantries say hi how are you but only caught her half of the conversation someone started an engine which sounded like a motorcycle and let it idle for a while idling more rapidly at the beginning The rhythm of the engine it sounded like someone hitting a punching bag hand over hand like a fighter in training went on for about five minutes at first it was an annoyance but after I embraced it I lost myself in the sound and the rhythm of it.The rider drove off. There were five rather deep yawns four or five so I'm tearing around the eyes although not as much as session 1 and the tears stayed in my eyes rather than running down my cheeks The position of my hands changed from being flat on my kneecaps to palms up at around my knees raising my hands to pray and then putting them back down flat. The longer time of 30 minutes seemed to go faster throughout my meditation on this day. My intention was as I repeated to myself may I be happy may I be healthy may I be free from harm. My mind seemed to wander from this thought quite frequently and it was difficult to bring myself back to that thought even though it was a more peaceful meditation than the previous session of 15 minutes. Got the motivation later in the day to get on the floor and do some core building exercises. .