Dedication To Meditation - Dean's Diary Day Three

December 21, 2017

December 4th. 30 minute session 10:38am to 11:08am in same location as previous day living room sitting in a wooden chair. Tension in nose and above to forehead. Left side of neck down to upper part of left shoulder and middle of upper right arm. Started with palms facing up which forced my chest out and buttocks back further to back of chair more erect posture better. Wondered about and wished that my 99-year-old Aunt would have the best day possible A peaceful one. I thought about my mom and dad and thanked them for all they've done for me that has brought me this far. I did a body scan across the uppermost portion of my forehead especially toward the right side to relieve some tension.didn't feel the depth of my breathing as much as I did the day before fewer distractions today sounded like a garbage truck went by and a Facebook ping from my iPad. Found it harder to concentrate on my intention today of happy, peaceful and out of harms way breathing not as smoothly as yesterday. Refrigerator and room notice almost a non-factor today. Only one yawn and briefly brought my hands up to my mouth to pray briefly before returning hands back down to palms facing up position. Praying position very peaceful. 30 minutes seemed to go by quickly. A side note to this meditation: Shortly afterwards I got up out of my chair and my body very naturally segued into a series of stretching exercises as if my body told me to do when your body says, "I need water", or anything else. It happened very naturally. It wasn't a chore like a fitness instructor saying "do this". I thought I didn't have the time. But the first stretch felt so good that I didn't want to stop and I went ahead and did the rest anyway.