Jessica's Delilah Dilemma

December 23, 2017
Jessica's Overseas Boyfriend Wants Her To Wait.  Here are Delilah's comments: So Jessica you were love with this man you dated it fell apart now you have been apart for several months.  He’s overseas playing ball,  and now he asks you to wait for him, what does he mean, wait?    Is he saying he is in a committed relationship with you now. If you are committed to each other, that’s one thing, but if he just wants you to put your life on hold,  and your heart on hold while he bounces the ball around, then no you can’t do that.  And the only way you will know the kind of relationship you are in, is by effectively communicating.  Texting is not effectively communicating about a lifelong relationship.  Has he said I want to spend my life with you, I can see my children in your eyes.  I see a future as one when I get back,  I want to be a couple, I want to plan a future, I want to get married at some time.   If he has said these things to you and demonstrated that is the level of commitment he is talking about, then of course wait, you’re in love , if not…don’t be a knucklehead.  Those are my thoughts -D Click HERE for more Delilah Dilemmas Delilah Requests 1-888-633-5452 Text:48484 Postal Address: Delilah Show 4742 42nd Ave SW#1 Seattle , Washington 98116       Delilah Til Dawn Weekends 7pm - 5am Weekdays midnight - 5am