Dedication To Meditation - Dean's Diary Day Six

December 26, 2017
Friday, December 8th 30 minutes 2:15 to 2:45 PM. wooden chair living room good posture buttocks all the way back to back of chair throughout whole session hands a little further forward face down, fingers covering kneecaps feet a little further back underneath the chair than usual but still flat. Felt a lot more deep breaths from the belly completely up through my chest feeling anxious before my session almost like the homework assignment you didn't want to do but the second I sat down and felt that spark that is the potential for peacefulness, it was almost like my favorite ride that I didn't want to get off of and couldn't wait to go on. Background sound throughout the session the sound of the dishwasher at times really heard the water painting the insides of the dishwasher and the rhythm of the jets as they went in circles. After some deeper breaths, eyes teared three times...pressure released. Went back and forth bouncing from thought to thought rather than feeling pressed or pressured. Thought about that monetary donation I have to make for a friend, the belt that I don't have on that I need, or the passing of a revered musician/hero on this date. Wide field of view driving in the car afterward. Sound of Karen Carpenter singing the word "Gee" in a Christmas song on the radio as clean and clear as fine glassware.