Dedication To Meditation - Dean's Diary Day Seven

December 27, 2017
December 9th 30 minutes 12:53 PM to 1:23 PM tension under the right eyebrow diagonal line to upper left corner of forehead. Posture: Buttocks all the way back of chair and hands up to face immediately later hands moved further out front away from face and once during the 30 minutes to palms up position just above knees.Each breath much slower much deeper than usual three or four extended periods of exquisite peace. Had been sensing discomfort in my stomach area almost nauseous at times from hunger but with each deep breath that went away. Eyes teared up four times, once moderately three pretty substantially Great catharsis for relieving stress. Mind wandered a little concerned about traveling in snow to my dinner date tonight with my best girl. Heard refrigerator kick on seconds before time expired. Time for lunch. Note: I noticed particularly yesterday while driving everything around me on the road during the holiday season seems to be at an accelerated pace. Hurry Hurry Hurry. Cars coming at me from every direction. Many almost out of control. Yet while my mind is calm and perception is clear, I'm able to slow down and smoothly navigate my way through the maze of chaos that's going on around me actually enhancing my safety. Another thing I notice when I meditate. The tendency to clean up my surroundings. With a calm mind it's easier to spot things that are out of place. Like the jacket on the back of a chair that belongs in the closet. Or clutter in my car that belongs in a waste basket or in the trunk of my car instead of in the backseat on the floor. Not only do I feel the need to put things in their proper place creatively, but being calm helps me use what energy I do have more efficiently allowing me to feel like I want to do more. And the sense of accomplishment builds confidence to tackle other more important things.